The actress and her movie pal Sienna, seen here on the set of The Edge Of Love, will be taking to the red carpet together at the Edinburgh film festival, where the film will have its UK premiere
Photo: Rex
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Keira and Sienna to give Edinburgh film fest a poetic start

11 APRIL 2008
Having become firm friends while filming The Edge Of Love, Keira Knightely and Sienna Miller will be able to catch up with each other when the bio-pic of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas kicks off the proceedings at the Edinburgh Film Festival in June.

It's a reunion both will relish since Keira is always full of praise for Sienna's joie de vivre and sartorial style. "There aren't many 20-year-old girls who don't want to be Sienna Miller," she once said.

The script for The Edge Of Love was written by Keira's mother, Scottish playwright Sharman Macdonald. It takes as its starting point an incident in 1945 when the jealous husband of Keira's character - singer Vera Phillips - fired a sub-machine gun into the poet's home.

Completing the charismatic line-up is Irish talent Cillian Murphy and Brother And Sisters actor Matthew Rhys in the role of the acclaimed wordsmith.