The actor, whose family is in the South of France awaiting the birth of Angelina's second biological child, displayed the new tattoo as he boarded a helicopter this week
Photo: Rex
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At first glance the new body art seems a random series of horizontal lines, but experts believe they represent a map of the New Orleans levee system that failed during Hurricane Katrina three years ago
Photo: Rex

Brad adds to eclectic collection of body art with 'levee map' tattoo

13 MAY 2008
Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is no stranger to unusual body art - his collection includes an image of Otzi the ice age caveman, Europe's oldest natural human mummy, on his left forearm. But on a boys' day out with son Maddox this week he unveiled his most unconventional etching yet.

While boarding a helicopter in Monaco he revealed a series of strange black lines tattooed across his lower back.

Although the pattern looks like something one of his four children might have scribbled, there is apparently a clear structure behind the design. Reports suggest the tattoo is a reference to New Orleans - where Brad and his partner Angelina Jolie own a home.

The actor has been heavily involved in building projects in the city since it was extensively damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. And it's believed the new body art represents the system of levees or dykes which were breached during the storm, allowing water to flood through the city.

Brad also has a Buddhist blessing for six-year-old adopted son Maddox on his lower back and Angelina's birth date on his stomach in Khmer.