4 AUGUST 2008

Two weeks after publicly confirming the end of his marriage it seems Balthazar Getty has had a change of heart. Sienna Miller's latest love interest has returned to his family home in Los Angeles to hold crisis talks with his wife Rosetta.

It had previously been reported the married Brothers And Sisters actor had returned to his wife Rosetta, with whom he has four children. However, his public outing with Sienna seems to suggest that's not the case.

Meanwhile Sienna's friends have come forward to set the record straight about the 26-year-old actress' latest relationship, which was revealed when she was snapped in a passionate embrace with Balthazar while holidaying in Italy early last month.

"She and Balthazar met through friends and he was already separated from his wife," insists one, adding that Sienna was not involved with the 33-year-old before his marriage split. "He should have announced his separation a lot earlier than he did - he'd been sleeping on friends' couches for six months. (Sienna) was always told he was separated."

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The Brothers And Sisters actor has flown to LA to be with Rosetta, his wife of eight years and the mother of the couple's four childrenPhoto: © Getty ImagesClick on photo to enlarge