The Oscar-winner had a warm greeting for co-star Colin at the premiere of their cop drama Pride And Glory. He was full of praise for both the Irish actor and Edward Norton: "They're very passionate, very open and very daring - as the real deal always are," he says
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Jon was clearly equally pleased to catch up with Fight Club tough guy Ed
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Jon shows his pride in 'young lions' Ed and Colin at screening

16 OCTOBER 2008
He plays an on-screen father figure to both in his latest police drama Pride And Glory, and as Jon Voight attended the film's New York premiere this week with Colin Farrell and Edward Norton it was obvious the Oscar-winner enjoys an equally special relationship with the pair in real life.

The veteran actor had a warm embrace for the two screen tough guys, who were clearly pleased to be reunited with their co-star.

"To work with… the two young lions Ed and Colin was part of the attraction of this film for me," says 70-year-old Jon, who is Angelina Jolie's dad. "They turned out to be everything I had hoped through the viewing of their prior work. They're very passionate, very open and very daring, as the real deal always are."

In the flick, which hits UK screens on November 17, the trio play a multi-generational family of Irish-American New York policemen. Their moral codes are tested when Ed's character investigates a case that reveals an police corruption scandal involving his own brother-in-law - played by Colin Farrell.

Famous faces at the premiere included model and publishing heiress Lydia Hearst, who turned heads in a daring, slashed-to-the-waist black gown.

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