Uma, who plays a busy mum organising a kiddies' party in her new film Motherhood, echoed the movie's theme as she handed out balloons at its Sundance premiere
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Co-star Minnie, who plays her pregnant best pal in the comedy, was also at the Utah film fest for the screening
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Famous mums Uma and Minnie present 'Motherhood' at Sundance

22 JANUARY 2009
As working mums who balance the demands of their careers with family life Uma Thurman and Minnie Driver are more than familiar with the subject of their latest film Motherhood, which was screened at the Sundance film fest this week.

Thirty-eight-year-old Minnie welcomed son Henry in September, while Uma is mum to Maya, ten, and seven-year-old Levon with former husband Ethan Hawke.

The pair star in the tale of busy New York mum Eliza Welch - played by Uma - as she tries to find a balance in her life while organising a children's birthday party with the help of her pregnant best pal Minnie. Both stars were on the red carpet at the screening, where they were joined by another high profile celebrity mum, Jodie Foster.

Asked what makes a good mother, 38-year-old Uma said that for her: "It's about trying to balance who you are with your expectations of trying to deliver to your kids who you love."

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