21 APRIL 2009

Aussie star Eric Bana joined the cast of the new Star Trek film in London this week to present the latest instalment of the sci-fi movie series. Hundreds of fans, many wearing pointy Vulcan ears and Starship Enterprise crew costumes, had lined the special blue carpet to catch a glimpse of the actors as they arrived.

Especially excited to be unveiling the new flick in the British capital's cinema hub Leicester Square was British funnyman Simon Pegg. The Gloucestershire-born actor - who donned a kilt in honour of his Scottish character, Montgomery Scott - described the launch as "a geek dream come true".

Simon's co-stars at the bash included Chris Pine - the flick's Captain James T Kirk - and Heroes star Zachary Quinto, who plays Mr Spock, and Australian Lord Of The Rings actor Karl Urban.

Adding a touch of glamour to the lineup was Six Degrees actress Zoe Saldana – elegant in a silver hued-prom style dress.

The New Jersey-born actress is tipped for big things after landing the part of Captain Nyota Uhura in the new film. Director JJ Abrams has a habit of sending his leading ladies' careers into orbit - Keri Russell, Evangeline Lilly and Jennifer Garner all raised their profiles by starring in his projects.

British stars turning up to see the new sci-fi adventure included Strictly winner Tom Chambers and Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson. And TV and radio presenter Jonathan Ross was there with his children Honey Hinny and Harvey Kirby.

Photo: Rex
The Aussie actor caught up with British Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson at the premiere of the new Star Trek movie in the British capital's Leicester Square
Photo: Rex
Eric, who plays the movie's baddie, met up with the crew of the Starship Enterprise, including Heroes' Zachary Quinto (second left) – who portrays Dr Spock – and Simon Pegg who donned a kilt in honour of his character Scotty
Photo: Rex
As the only girl cast member at the presentation, US actress Zoe Saldana brought a touch of glam to the proceedings