24 APRIL 2009

When he was filming ITV drama Kingdom last year British actor and TV personality Steven Fry tipped the scales at 20 stone. Since filming ended in September last year, though, the 51-year-old has managed to shed an impressive four stone, bringing his weight down to a much healthier 16 stone.

The London-born star, who this week was put forward as a candidate to be Britain's new patron saint in a poll to celebrate St George's Day, says his method for slimming down was just a matter of common sense.

"There's no great secret - it's a question of eating less," he revealed. "That, and going for a brisk walk every day listening to Rufus Sewell reading the James Bond audio books on my headset. The Bond books are read at just the right pace to help me walk faster."

In the past, Steven has also admitted to finding useful the advice he found in hypnotist Paul McKenna's weight loss book I Can Make You Thin.

"He said: 'We all know people who don't seem to put on weight. What's different about them?' What is different is that they eat slowly and they stop eating when they don't want any more food," Steven explains.

"The trick is to eat when you're hungry - but only when you are - and to put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls. It's good no-nonsense stuff. No faddy food plans, no lame excuses."

Photo: Rex
The British TV star weighed 20 stone last year
Photo: Rex
Since September he's lost four stone, but reveals there's no great secret to his new slimmer look. "It's a question of eating less," admits the 51-year-old. "That, and going for a brisk walk every day"