28 APRIL 2009

Sitting alongside ordinary cinemagoers at New York's Tribeca film festival Mickey Rourke and Andy Garcia caused huge excitement among fans thrilled to be in such close proximity to their idols.

Mickey's attendance at the premiere of City Island, the Latin star's new screwball comedy, can be explained by the fact that the actors have been friends since their Miami schooldays.

"I've known Mickey for 40 years. He was my baseball coach," recalled Andy in an interview recently. "He was only four years older than me, but the high school kids coached the junior school kids, and he was a good baseball player."

As is the way with good friends, the Ocean's Eleven actor was also eager to share some less than flattering memories of his pal.

"I told (Mickey) he looked just like (his character in The Wrestler) the first time I met him," he said. "He had those hipster jeans that were fashionable at the time, and showed off the crack of his a**."

Photo: Getty Images
The Wrestler star is an old pal of Andy, whom he's known since they were kids together in Miami 40 years ago. So it was no surprise he was among the Tribeca audience to see the latin star's new film City Island
Photo: Getty Images
At the screening of the comedy about a parole officer who unexpectedly brings a convict home to stay with his family, Mickey also caught up with Andy's 25-year-old actress daughter Dominik, who has a role in the film