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Coronation Street star Paula Lane says she hates her fake baby bump as she discusses 'fabulous' storyline

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Coronation Street actress Paula Lane has found herself at the centre of one of the soap's most dramatic storylines as her character Kylie Platt prepares to welcome her first baby unsure of whether the father is her husband or his half-brother.It's a twist the actress, 27, describes as "fabulous" — although she is considerably less complimentary about the fake baby bump she has to wear.

Paula Lane© Photo: Getty Images

"It's an absolute nightmare, I absolutely hate the bump," she told PA. "I keep having to be remeasured for different ones because it's getting bigger and bigger. I think I've just been measured for my eight month one. "I don't think I could get any bigger, but they're going, 'Oh, but you're so lovely and petite and this is what it would be like'."It itches me, I go home with a rash on my tummy. "Paula also said she is really looking forward to Kylie having her baby, and not just because it means she can lose the prosthetic stomach. "I'm quite looking forward to that, but it's a bit daunting at the same time filming a labour scene. But I'll try my best. My mum's a midwife so I can get good tips from her."

Paula Lane

The Yorkshire star recently praised her character's pregnancy storyline in which Kylie is unsure of her unborn baby's father after cheating on her husband David (Jack P Shepherd) with his half-brother Nick (Ben Price). She described the plot twist as "fabulous".She added that producers would be "very brave" if they decide to choose Nick as the father as "there's a lot more to lose" if Kylie's marriage to David is put at risk.