The Yorkshire Vet: who is Peter Wright? All you need to know

Are you a fan of The Yorkshire Vet? 

Peter Wright is a vet on the hit show The Yorkshire Vetwhere he and Julian Norton go about their day to day work helping animals of all sizes at the late celebrated vet James Herriot's former practice. But how much do you know about Peter when he's not saving animal lives? Find out more... 

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Who is Peter Wright?

The TV personality is a Yorkshireman born and bred, growing up in Thirkleby, North Yorkshire. He went to Liverpool University, studying veterinary science, and graduated in 1982, joining a veterinary practice the following year. He then moved to Skeldale Veterinary Centre in 1996, where he worked with Alf White and Donald Sinclair (the inspirations behind James Herriot and Siegfried Farnon in All Creatures Great and Small)

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Referencing his work with them, Skeldale's website reads: "[He] enjoys telling the younger vets tales from his time with them which leaves them wondering if he ever made an appearance in the James Herriot books!" 

The website also reveals more about Peter's love of his job, as well as some of his hobbies, continuing: "Peter enjoys small animal internal medicine as well as equine work, but is also regularly seen out on-farm visits.  When not working, Peter enjoys playing Bridge, gardening, takes part in tractor rallies, and spending time with his family." 

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Speaking about his love of animals, he previously told The Yorkshire Post: "My grandad was a farm manager and I used to go to the farm with him and I would befriend some of the animals being reared, particularly the cattle. I always had a big interest in them and enjoyed feeding them. Being around farms and farmers felt very natural to me.

Is Peter Wright married?

Peter is happily married to his wife Lin, and the pair met 38 years ago! Chatting about their first date to The Daily Mal, Lin said: "He drove an old Ford Escort that stank of animals. He kept his wellies and waterproofs in the back and an animal drug that smelt awful, which he tried to mask with aftershave. Then he drove me to an abattoir because he wanted to watch a post-mortem on a cow." How romantic! 

Peter regularly appears on the popular show

She added: "We get on so well. We’re a team. We’re always teasing each other, and when Peter started this TV malarkey I told him, 'It’s not you, dear, folk want to see, it’s the animals.' I was a bit harsh. People do like him." 

The couple shares two children, Emily, 34, a criminologist, Andrew, 32, an electrician, and one grandson, Archie, 13.