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Wedding Band actress Kathryn Fiore meets one-month-old daughter for first time since traumatic birth

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American actress Kathryn Fiore has met her one-month-old baby daughter for the first time since her highly traumatic birth.The star of comedy series Wedding Band, 33, was finally able to return home and meet her daughter Alice after nearly four weeks in hospital. A fund-raising page, set up to help cover the cost of Kathryn's overwhelming medical expenses, shared the good news.

"After almost four grueling weeks in the hospital... Kathryn is finally home where she got to meet her daughter for the very first time!" The family's GiveForward page goes on to explain: "Her first glimpse of baby Alice brought the biggest smile to her face he has ever ever seen. So now, the healing powers of her infant daughter can begin to work their magic.While Kathryn continues to improve, Gabe will be taking her back to the hospital every day for outpatient physical and occupational therapy, dialysis, as well as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for her hands and feet." In late May the actress – who has appeared on Supernatural and Grey's Anatomy – was left fighting for her life after suffering complete organ failure following the birth of her first child by an emergency caesarean.Both mother and baby both began experiencing serious complications, with the newborn rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with breathing difficulties.

The actress, who also appeared in Charmed, was intubated by doctors after she suffered a uterine haemorrhage which caused her to lose more than two litres of blood.The TV star then went into septic shock, resulting in complete organ failure and loss of consciousness.Kathryn and her husband Gabriel Tigerman's newborn daughter Alice, who weighed in at 7lbs, 3oz, was rushed to the NICU as she was suffering with breathing difficulties.In the past month, the new mum has been learning to walk once again, as well as receiving therapy to regain the use of her hands. Despite the family's overwhelming joy at the 33-year-old's release from hospital, their GiveForward page explains that her recovery will be a lengthy one. "Kathryn will be needing professional home care indefinitely, future surgeries and special drug treatments for her H.U.S. "