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'You can hardly call this a job it's so enjoyable': hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby talk about This Morning

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They finish each other's sentences and happily admit to socialising together off air. So with This Morning celebrating 25 years on 3 October who better than Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to talk about what gives the programme its staying power. 

How does it feel to be at the helm of a show that's become such an institution? 

Phillip: "You really do feel you are in charge of the telly crown jewels. It has such an incredible pedigree. Richard and Judy started the show and now for us to be in charge of it and seeing it through the 25th anniversary is a real treat. I am very proud. "Holly: "Twenty-five years is such an incredible achievement. I never ever thought I would be on the show now when I used to watch it when I was younger. But I am so proud to be working on This Morning. "We cover so many varied subjects and if I wasn't doing the show, I would be watching it. I feel guilty calling it a job because it is so enjoyable."

What makes This Morning so unique?

Phillip: "I love the fact we do break taboos. We have done a live breast examination and a live smear test. We do things like 'Sex Week' on This Morning. "We cover all the big issues and what is so nice is we get so many letters from people saying 'you have just saved my life'."

Do you have a stand out moment from working on the show? 

Holly: "It's so tough. We cover everything and there is always something new happening every day. "One story that really moved me, however, was when a father and his two sons appeared. His wife had passed away and she had written a list of the things that she wanted her children to do and achieve.

That one really got me as a mum myself with two young kids. They were such an incredible family and the children were so strong."

Which guest has left you the most starstruck?

Phillip: "We have some very cool guests on the programme. Even in recent weeks, we have had Samuel L Jackson on the show and Bill Nighy." Dame Judi Dench, Will Smith and the Royals also made a big impression. I love it when anyone big comes in." Princess Anne came on the show. She really doesn't do many interviews and to be trusted with that interview was fantastic. We have also been invited to Clarence House and we interviewed the Prince of Wales. It's a real seal of approval."

Holly: "I love Joan. She was brilliant. When I found out she was coming in, I thought ‘right I need to Joan Collins myself up to the eye balls’ and so I put on a power dress, my Louboutin shoes and I had a big blow dry done. "She said she liked my shoes and when I asked where hers were from she said 'Office'. I loved her even more because she was so normal. She is fabulous." 

How does being friends help your on-screen partnership?

Phillip: "It is a very complementary team on-air which comes from the fact we trust each other 100 per cent off-air as well. If you didn’t get on with the person you were doing it with, it would be appalling. If I was describing our friendship, I would say it is trusting and honest. Holly is an incredibly honest person and she has a brilliantly refreshing way of looking at something."

Will you be hanging around for another 25 years?

Holly: "I don't think anyone would want us here for another 25 years!"Philipl: "Another 25 years might be a bit of a push but I will certainly be around for the foreseeable future."

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