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I'm A Celebrity campmates break down after surprise reunion

I'm A Celebrity

's stars went through an emotional rollercoaster of a day as all campmates were reduced to tears on Wednesday night's episode of the show.Model

Amy Willerton

predicted it wouldn't be an easy day as she woke up feeling "a strange vibe" in the camp."There is a real 'tensity' around," said the 21-year-old, taking a leaf out of

Joey Essex

's book and coining a new word."I don't feel relaxed, I don't feel it's a happy environment and I don't think everybody is in the best of mood."

© Photo: Rex
Model Amy Willerton

It all started when Amy asked professional dancer

Vincent Simone

if she could have a nap in the hammock shortly after he got up."Yes it's been a while since you've had a little sleep, about time you had another one," said Steve. "Do you remember those words you said on day one? You said to me you only need three hours sleep a night.""Could she go to sleep please?" chipped in


actress Lucy Pargeter.

© Photo: Rex
Amy and Rebecca Adlington

The jibing comments proved too much for Amy who got tearful while having her mid-morning rest. The blonde beauty was comforted by Olympic champion swimmer

Rebecca Adlington

and given a big hug, which only set Amy off again."I am really sensitive but this was the first time I've felt really upset by the way someone's been towards me in camp," said Amy. "It all turned into a whirlwind of emotion and I felt really upset with myself because if I have upset someone in camp I really didn't mean to."The tears really kicked off when campmates Kian Egan, Laila Morse and Steve Davis were treated to a surprise reunion by their loved ones, after winning the Halfway Holiday challenge.As the trio admired the stunning view from the balcony of their retreat, Kian was the first to burst into tears as his wife Jodi arrived.

© Photo: Rex
Steve Davis, Laila Morse andKian Egan

"Oh my God, I don't believe it," cried Kian, running over and embracing his wife. "I can't believe it, I love you so much."Steve was the second star to become emotional as his partner Jeannie walked towards him. Finally Laila's sister wandered round and she too was drawn to tears."We do actually have a little message to give to the other campmates because their loved ones are obviously really sad they didn't get to see them," said Kian's wife Jodi."Alfonso's wife really wants you to give him a message," she said, referring to the

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

actor. "She wants him to know baby AJ is ten pounds and he is looking exactly like his daddy and he smiled for the first time today.""That is going to break his heart," replied Kian.

© Photo: Rex
Alfonso Ribeiro

"Harry said to give Rebecca a big hug and to tell her he loves her," said Jeannie, referring to the swimmer's fiancé.The trio felt apprehensive and slightly guilty as they returned to camp, worrying that the other contestants hadn't got to see their loved ones."You should not feel guilty," said Amy, as one by one each campmate broke down into tears at hearing their messages. "It's so nice you got to see them."

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