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X Factor's first ever sing-off at bootcamp

Following Saturday night’s cliffhanger ending

, the X Factor's bootcamp auditions continued on Sunday with

Simon Cowell deciding who he would swap in the six seat challenge for Jay James

. In the end Simon decided that the ex-Navy officer would take Kisela's place, who was originally given the first seat on the panel"

Big mistake

," said Cheryl as Jay James sat down with the rest of the contestants.

Jay James took Simon's last seat
Next to take to the stage was Fleur East,

who walked on stage with the knowledge that she was fighting for one of the seats, already taken by a fellow act on stageThe nightclub singer impressed the audience and the panel with her rendition of M.I.A's

Paper Planes


"This was the best I've heard you

," praised Simon before she was given a seat, replacing Raign.

"There's no one like me in the competition

," said Raign as she walked off stage, unhappy with her place being taken away from her at the final second. The final act hoping to impress Simon was mother-of-two,

Helen Fulthorpe, who sang a stunning performance of Pink's Nobody Knows, making Mel B break down into tears at her emotional performance

. Then Simon decided to swap the singer for Lizzie Pattinson and then quickly changing his mind and deciding to swap her for Janet Grogan.

Helen Fulthorpe wowed the audience
Next it was Louis Walsh's turn to choose the groups to take to his judges' houses

.First to take to the stage was twins,

The Brooks

but Louis was soon reminded that, like Cheryl Cole on Friday, if he decided to give the 15-year-olds a seat, he would not be able to swap them for another act later on. In the end, the music mogul decided to give them a seat on the stage.

Then came an eight-piece boy band

. The boys originally auditions as solo artists but were given a second chance and put together as a band.

The eight-piece band impressed the panel of judges

The young singers sang Leona Lewis’


but there were fears that such a large group wouldn’t work well in reality.

However, Louis was impressed with their vocals and gave them a place on stage

. Sisters, Duo Blonde Electric took to the mic, opting to sing Joan Jett’s

I Love Rock and Roll

and were sent through to the next stage before the

Pow Pow Girls won over the 5,000 strong Wembely audience with Diana Ross’ Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

. However, Louis decided to send the girls home, much to the disagreement of Simon, Mel and Cheryl.In the end,

Louis decided that his fellow judges and the crowd were correct and he decided to get the girls back on stage for them to take the fourth slot on the panel


Boy band, Overload, then had the girls in the audience swooning as their rendition of Dolly Parton's Nine to Five won over the judges


Overload were firm favourites from the beginning of the show


I've loved this boy band from the word go, but I do feel tonight, half way through the song you just lost me

," Mel B said before Louis gave the consistently good band his penultimate seat.The newly formed groups continued to auditions as a new five-piece girl band,

sang Lily Allen's Somewhere and were given the last seat, despite having been formed three hours earlier

. With one seat remaining, C

oncept and Only The Young took to the stage meaning Louis had to decide which groups to swap in order to take the boy band through to the next stage of auditions

. In the end, Louis decided that the boys would replace Blonde Electric, but quickly changed his mind after admitting that he had made a mistake. He then decided to send the New Girls home and keep Blonde Electric and Concept in the competition.

"We are going to have a riot on our hands

," warned Simon as Louis' mind change was making the audience incredibly angry.

Louis' decision made the crowd angry

When the final act, We Are The Young, to the stage Louis was impressed with their performance."

I think there’s something special about this group but I can only pick acts I totally believe in

," said Louis before sending Overload home.Many of the girls in the audience broke down into tears when they heard the news, before

Overload, the Pow Pow girls and the New girls were forced to have a sing-off,

while the Westlife manager made a decision as to which band would make get the final seat.

Tension builded as the acts battled for a place at judges' houses

. Ultimately, Louis decided that

the final seat would go to the new girl group


Tune in next at 8pm Saturday on ITV to see judges' houses


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