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Coronation Street live episode: new details revealed as excitement mounts

coronation street 2
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The atmosphere is electric at the Coronation Street studios as the show gets ready for one of the biggest night's of its history, say insiders. Stars including Tina O'brien, Michael Le Vell, Craig Charles have been working long into the night to make sure the live episode celebrating ITV's 60th anniversary goes without a hitch.

Paula Lane, who plays Kylie Platt, tweeted: "Everyone is pulling together. That's what family is for" and "Positive... Mental.... Attitude". Meanwhile Tina O'Brien (Sarah-Louise Platt) said that she was "pooped" and climbing into bed after a long day of rehearsals.

coronation street © Photo: ITV

Tina Obrien and Sean Ward rehearsing last week

The storyline will centre on the Platt family's dramatic showdown with violent drug dealer Callum Logan. Out on bail, he is demanding £20,000 in a terrifying blackmail attempt.

Speaking to Closer magazine, Paula said the episode would be "really dark".

She added: "I don’t think Corrie has ever done anything this dark. Over the course of a week, Callum goes on a vendetta, he wants to totally destroy the Platts. It’s quite scary. I think Corrie has pushed the boundaries.”

Secondary plots focus on Lloyd and Andrea's leaving party in the Rovers, Roy and Cathy's blossoming relationship and Tim finding out about Kevin and Sally's secret kiss.

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Michael, whose character is Kevin Webster, told the Sun that the pressure was mounting on the cast.

"There is no big tram crash. No loads of action from firemen" he said. "This is going to be character driven so there are a lot more words to say. That's the nervy bit. It's like you were to do live theatre but you get 17 million watching you."

As the actors prepared, new details were revealed of how fans will be able to interact with the action live. Eleven hidden cameras have been rigged around the set, which will allow viewers 'access all areas' so they can see the cast and crew hard at work during the episode.

coronation street 2

The actors have said the live episode will be like theatre except with an audience of 17 million

Following on Facebook or the ITV website, viewers will be able to peek inside the Number 8 to see what trouble the Platts are in, peer over Sally's fence and be a fly on the wall at the leaving party. Via social media they are being invited to choose the music for the party and leave a message on the bar as the show is being filmed.

There has been one setback after veteran actress Barbara Knox fell before a crucial rehearsal last week and had to be replaced by a stand in. She will, however, be back in action when the episode goes out on Wednesday night.