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Game of Thrones season 7: See all the pictures here

Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
21 April 2017
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game of thrones s7 1

Although we still have to wait until July for Game of Thrones season seven, several new images have been released to keep us speculating on what we can expect for the next few weeks! Most of our favourite characters appear in the released snaps, including Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.

So what do the photos tell us about the upcoming season? Click through them to find out…

©Sky Atlantic

game of thrones s7

Daenerys in Westeros

Daenerys and her group – Varys, Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm clearly look as though they have safely arrived in Westeros and appear to be waiting to greet someone – but who? The group are clearly dressed for the winter that has finally arrived, with Daenerys embracing her Targaryen lineage with a red and black outfit adorned with dragons and scales.

©Sky Atlantic

sansa littlefinger

Sansa and Littlefinger

It appears that Sansa Stark still has a 'it's complicated' relationship with Littlefinger in the only photo of the eldest Stark girl. Looking down at the courtyard in Winterfell while clearly discussing something of importance, this photo definitely raises more questions that it answers. Who are they looking at? What are they talking about? Why does Sansa look so serious?

©Sky Atlantic


Arya Stark

Where in the world is Arya? Is she back in Winterfell? Is she in a tavern on her way to her home town? Is she paying Hot Pie a visit? Has she just found Gendry? We have so many questions about her journey after we watched her get her Red Wedding revenge at the end of season six.

©Sky Atlantic

gilly samwell

Samwell and Gilly

Samwell Tarly and Gilly seem to be settling in well in Old Town, and eagle-eyed viewers have worked out that Gilly is reading about Azor Ahai, a prophetical figure that is mentioned throughout the novels as a hero who will save the world. So who could it be?

©Sky Atlantic

jaime cersei

Jaime and Cersei

It looks like so far Jaime is going to stay at his twin sister/girlfriend Queen Cersei's side as she rules the Seven Kingdoms following the death of her three children - Joffrey, Mrycella and Tommen.

However, we can't forget the look of shock and horror on his face after she took the throne in the season six finale - do you think his loyalty will last long? 

©Sky Atlantic

jon snow

Jon Snow 

As several fans have pointed out - it looks like Jon Snow is in the Winterfell crypts in this new photo and looks pretty emotional. So what is he looking at? He could be visiting the graves of Ned, Robb and Rickon, or he could well be visiting Lyanna's grave after learning the truth about his parentage. 

©Sky Atlantic

lyanna mormont

Lyanna Mormont 

Shall we just save some time and dub her the Queen in the North now? Lyanna Mormont was a scene stealer in season six, and it looks like the no-nonsense head of the Mormont family is back for more in season seven - we already can't wait! 

©Sky Atlantic

meera bran

Meera and Bran beyond the Wall

Poor Meera. And poor Bran. It's hard to tell who is having a more miserable time in this snap, as Meera is forced to pull Bran through the coldest part of the North – Beyond the Wall. But where are they going? It is thought that they could be heading straight to Winterfell (where we hope Bran will reunite with Jon and Sansa!) but they could be making a stop at Castle Black first. If they can get past the Wall of course…

©Sky Atlantic



Missandei is wrapping up for winter now that she has crossed the Narrow Sea with Daenerys. Following the Khaleesi's lead, she has swapped her summer outfits for a practical black outfit, with her allegiance to the Targaryens made clear with a pin of three dragons circling each other.

©Sky Atlantic

the hound

The Hound

The Hound in the North? We know that he and the Brotherhood without Banners were travelling to help out with the pesky White Walker problem, so we can only hope that our favourite antihero reunites with some of our favourite pairings like Arya or Sansa. That being said, hopefully he won't run into Brienne of Tarth.

©Sky Atlantic


Tormund and Brienne

A million fans secretly (or not-so-secretly) rooting for Tormund and Brienne to get together are sure to LOVE this photo. In this photo, Tormund is looking adorably at a (we assume) bemused Brienne because let's face it – he's been smitten with her ever since meeting her at the beginning of season six.

©Sky Atlantic



Not only does Tyrion look frankly dapper in his new 'here to conquer' outfit, complete with the Hand of the Queen pin, our favourite Lannister looks like he means business while accompanied by the Unsullied. 

©Sky Atlantic

varys season 7


Varys looks unusually solemn while wrapped up for winter in a fur cloak. Could it be that his alliance with Daenerys isn't all he hoped it would be? Or is there a new outside threat? It also appears that the eunuch could be inside Dany's throne room which was spotted in the first teaser trailer for the show.

©Sky Atlantic

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