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Neighbours actress Jackie Woodburne invites Prince Harry to visit the set

The actress who plays Susan Kennedy is hopeful of a royal visit to Ramsay Street

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Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon
Head of Digital
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Neighbours actress Jackie Woodburne has extended an invitation to Prince Harry to visit her and her fellow soap actors on the set of the hit TV show. The prince, who is currently launching the 2018 Invictus Games in Sydney, is apparently a fan of the show, along with his brother, Prince William. And Jackie, who plays matriarch Susan Kennedy on the Aussie soap, is keen to encourage their royal fans to come and see them on the set.

“I heard Prince William admitted in an interview that he watched the show which is quite extraordinary and I’ve heard Harry does too,” Jackie tells HELLO! online. “I imagine they spend a great deal of time talking to people from all walks of life and being across a lot of topics, including popular culture, so I can see why. Maybe he’d like to come to the Neighbours set,” she adds excitedly. “Or Prince William. What a lot of amazing Royals you have at the moment. The invitation remains open at all times to any member of the royal family!”

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susan kennedy

Jackie Woodburne is delighted her show has royal fans

Jackie is approaching her 23rd year on the hit TV show and revealed she’s delighted that her character continues to get such meaty storylines. Her current drama is caused by new replacement teacher Finn Kelly (Rob Mills), who plans to discredit Susan and take over the role of Principal at Erinsborough High. “I’ve been very lucky, I tend to get great story lines – really meaty ones and then some great comedy silly ones,” she says. “But the story at the moment with Finn and Susan is pushed to point of being an actual physical danger so that’s raised the stakes even higher.”

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And one thing that Jackie has enjoyed over the years has been watching the younger stars come through the Neighbours doors and leave to launch huge careers abroad. One such celeb, who Jackie remains great friends with, is Margot Robbie. “She’s gone on to have such a fabulous career and rightly so, she is such a talented girl,” Jackie explains. “Margot was, apart from being a delightful girl, great fun, she was so talented at such a young age. She was barely 18 when she was on the show, but she was an instinctive comedian, you never had to ask her to change anything, she just go it. And a beautiful, truthful dramatic actress.”

Neighbours airs on Channel 5, weekdays – 1.45pm and 5.30pm