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Lorraine guest sparks controversy with IVF debate

Sirena Bergman has sparked controversy after IVF discussion on Lorraine

IVF lorraine
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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A guest on Lorraine has sparked controversy after suggesting that IVF treatment should not be available on the NHS due to underfunding and stating that it encourages the perception that women need to have children to be fulfilled. Debating the subject with Christine Lampard on Wednesday morning's show, journalist Sirena Bergman said: "I don't believe it should be funded by the NHS and I definitely don't think it should be banned. I don't think it's a luxury and it is difficult for a lot of women. But with the NHS being as underfunded as it is, a lot of resources should be put into areas that genuinely have an effect on people's health, and IVF should not be the priority."

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She added: "I think what we need to remember is the broader social perception of women and the idea for a woman to live a fulfilled life she must give birth to a child. We really need to challenge these preconceptions and I think the idea that the government would fund IVF reinstates that idea. Women have lots of other options and if a woman wants to become a mother there are other options available to them and that, as a society, we should support." 

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IVF lorraine

Sirena believes IVF shouldn't be available on the NHS 

Sirena then concluded: "So long as the government is funding IVF and presenting it as the best option, then we're never going to get over this engrained idea in our society that a woman's role in life is to give birth and if she doesn't then there's a problem." Her comments were met with controversy, with one person writing: "IVF actually allows women to have kids later in life thereby allowing them time have a career. Just saying," while another added: "What a terribly portrayed take of #ivf and #fertility on @ITVLorraine. Insensitive & inaccurate. No facts just opinion." Sirena has responded to comments following her appearance on the show, writing: "The irony of people calling me 'heartless' whilst tweeting horrific abuse and threats is definitely not lost... gotta love the internet."

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