Catherine Tyldesley shares behind-the-scenes photo from Corrie's upcoming wedding showdown

The actress is set to star in dramatic scenes as her character Eva Price weds love-cheat Aidan Connor

It doesn’t look like Coronation Street's Eva Price will be doing a lot of smiling throughout the soap's much-anticipated wedding week, but things couldn’t be more different behind the camera. Actress Catherine Tyldesley shared a behind-the-scenes photo of her with co-star Georgia Taylor, who plays Toyah Battersea in the show, who were both beaming as they posed for a picture on set in the church. In the caption, Catherine teased that drama was to come, writing: " #behindthescenes ... this gorgeous lady ... #wedding#corrie #drama #poophitsfan ... not long now..."

Catherine Tyldesley shared a behind-the-scenes photo from Corrie's wedding week

Viewers were eager to know how the revenge plot storyline will pan out, with one saying: "Can't wait to see this episode," while another said: "So excited for this wedding!!" A third added: "Hope this revenge plot is worth the wait!"

The bride-to-be is set to feature in a dramatic showdown with former friend Maria Connor, who has been having an affair with her husband-to-be, Aidan Connor, for over a year. The wrongful pair have no idea that Eva is all too aware of their deceit, making for nail-biting viewing as everything unravels throughout the week.

Aidan is set to reveal his affair on the morning of their wedding day

Prior to the showdown, the week will involve a series of events leading up to the wedding. On the day itself, Aidan confesses his affair to his future wife, but she decides to still go ahead with the marriage with revenge up her sleeve. In preview photos of scenes set to commence on Monday, Maria is pictured crashing the wedding – and all hell will then break loose, with both Eva and Maria ending up in the fountain after a cat fight.

A dramatic showdown between Maria and Eva will have viewers hooked

Catherine Tyldesley, who plays the bride-to-be, described the fight scenes as "knackering" while chatting to Metro, and also teased that her character is set to end up in danger. She said: "I’m very high up at one point! I am terrified of heights so that was a real challenge for me – especially when a wasp came. Everyone else thought it was hilarious but I had a breakdown. They are the most challenging scenes I have ever shot. It’s very action packed."