Teri Hatcher reveals she wants Desperate Housewives to return

The actress played Susan Mayer for eight years

Desperate Housewives became a cult classic when it aired for eight seasons from 2004 to 2012, and it seems Teri Hatcher would love the beloved drama to make a return. During an appearance on Wednesday's Loose Women, the actress, who played hapless Susan Mayer for eight years, opened up about the show, revealing her desire to head back to Wisteria Lane. "I'd be the first person. I never wanted it to be over. I love those characters," she told the panel.

Teri Hatcher wants Desperate Housewives to make a comeback

Despite her desires to reprise her role as Susan, the 53-year-old actress admitted that the chances of a comeback was "not very good". She explained: "Just because of the creators. It's not the women. I think the women would probably all do it." When asked whether she was still in touch with her famous co-stars - Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria - American star Teri confessed that they don't speak to each other much. "Not so much, but definitely supportive of everything that we're all off and doing," she said. "Very exciting Eva's about to have her first baby!"

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The actress played Susan Mayer for eight years

In May, Felicity - who starred as Lynette Scavo - tweeted that she would love the show to return but as "Desperate Old Dames". She asked her Twitter followers: "It's been 5 years?! Love all the #DesperateHousewives fans! What a wonderful 8 years that was. Shall we do a reunion? 'Desperate Old Dames'?" Meanwhile, co-star Eva previously revealed that she would be keen for a Housewives reboot. "I would jump at the chance to play Gaby Solis again," she told ET. "I miss her! I miss her skin and I miss being in her skin."

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