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Shane Richie breaks silence on shock EastEnders return as he teases huge storyline

The actor has reprised his role as Alfie Moon - much to everyone's delight!

Sharnaz Shahid

EastEnders star Shane Richie has made a sensational return to Albert Square. The 54-year-old, who plays lovable rogue Alfie Moon on the BBC soap, reprised his role on Thursday night's episode after a two-year hiatus. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the actor has teased a huge storyline with the Slater family. "Tonight is a big reveal, whether it happens or not… there is a big story to be told and tonight we set the seeds for that story," he said when asked whether he is newcomer Hayley's boyfriend. "Alfie kind of throws a spanner in the works – the repercussions of tonight’s episode will carry on."


Shane Richie has returned to EastEnders after a two-year break

Fans are aware that Alfie and on-screen wife Kat Slater have parted ways, but are there any plans for a reconciliation? He added: "I'd like to think he's [EastEnders boss John Yorke] got plans in the future for Alfie. It's never the actor's decision. There are stories to be told and fingers crossed they'll bring Alfie back to tell those stories."

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However, Shane's return to set was met with much difficulty as the cast were kept in the dark. "I was snuck in. Jessie's [Jessie Wallace] one of my best friends, I couldn't even tell her," he explained. "All the cast got a script and they had this moody name in it, I can't remember what it was - like Richard or Robin or something - and everyone's going, 'Who's this, Hayley's boyfriend?' and no one guessed. Jake Wood text me, Steve McFadden… are you coming back? I said, 'No, I'm away filming Benidorm'. Of course, I wasn't."

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Elsewhere, Shane also took the time to speak about his former co-star Barbara Windsor's Alzheimer's diagnosis. "Bless her, the lovely Barbara," he shared. "I've spoken to Scott [her husband]. When the news got announced I didn't want to use the word Alzheimer’s or dementia." He continued: "I know what Babs would have been like. I imagine me talking to Barbara and her saying, 'I've got a little spot of forgetfulness', that's where I am when I speak to Scott. They're battling on, every day is a different day for him."

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