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EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell makes an explosive return as his family try to hide their secrets

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 19 November to Friday 23 November

eastenders spoilers phil mitchell returns

EastEnders fans will be delighted to hear that not one, but two beloved characters will be making their return to Albert Square next week. Phil Mitchell turns up out of the blue, just as Keanu Taylor and Sharon Mitchell are at home, while his daughter Louise Mitchell has Keegan Taylor over. And while everyone tries to hide their tracks, with this being EastEnders, nothing stays secret for long. Elsewhere, Shirley Carter also arrives back in Walford, but when she discovers what's been going on with her family in her absence, she quickly lashes out. Martin Fowler is forced to apologise to Ruby Allen after the police make a new discovery in her case.

Monday 19 November – Kat learns Alfie has lied to her

Kat is left horrified after making a discovery about Alfie, who has lied to her, despite her pleas to let her see their children. After turning to drink, Linda catches her and they have a heart-to-heart, which results in Linda offering Kat a job behind the bar. Elsewhere, Linda is pressured by her family to go and visit Mick, but she refuses to see past Stuart's lies – and even refuses to take back her wedding ring. Ruby is told that the police have an update on her rape case, and that they have found a photo of her kissing Matt. Martin struggles to hide his guilt when he later comforts her.

eastenders martin stacey

Ruby hears of Martin's lies

Tuesday 20 November – Martin is forced to tell Ruby the truth

Martin struggles after seeing how upset Ruby was, and knowing he was responsible for going to the police, asks Kush to cover for him. However, when Ruby tells Stacey that she plans on dropping the charges, Stacey is quick to go around and confront Kush about the photo. When Martin finds out, he tells her that he was in fact the one who gave the picture to the police, so Stacey forces him to tell Ruby the truth. Shirley makes a surprise return to Albert Square, but is shocked to find out what has been going on in her absence. She then contacts Phil to ask him for his help with Mick's case by helping to persuade Ritchie to represent him. However, Phil reveals that he will help her when he is back, as he's going to surprise Sharon with a return. Back at The Vic, Shirley throws Linda and Stuart out. Meanwhile, Sharon grows jealous of Louise when she gets driving lessons from Keanu.

eastenders louise keanu

Sharon gets jealous of Louise and Keanu

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Thursday 22 November – Phil returns, leaving his family horrified

Sharon and Keanu get into a heated argument as Keanu accuses Sharon of playing games with him. This causes Sharon to admit that she loves him, and the pair are soon back at her house, as one thing leads to another. Meanwhile, Louise invites Keegan to the house as the pair's feelings grow for each other. However, everyone gets a shock when Phil turns up out of the blue. Stacey is still angry with Martin over his betrayal, while Ruby remembers another key detail from the night she was attacked.

eastenders sharon keanu

Keanu and Sharon sleep together - just as Phil returns home

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Friday 23 November – Phil's family try to cover their tracks

With Phil back in the house, Sharon and Louise are left in a panic as they try to cover their tracks, while Keanu and Keegan are still there. Elsewhere, Stuart tries to get Dot to give him answers on Kat, while Honey tells Billy that she might ask Adam to join the choir, giving Billy the idea to join too.

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