Eamonn Holmes sends support to his Biggleton replacement following viewers' criticism

Those are big shoes to fill!

Fiona Ward

Eamonn Holmes has sent his support to his replacement on CBeebies show Biggleton, after some viewers had criticised the new narrator. Tweeting on Wednesday night, he reposted a message from the children's channel, which read: "Eamonn wasn’t available for Series 2 but the lovely John Gordon Sinclair is now in the voiceover hot seat!" Adding his own message, he wrote: "Just to welcome JGS to The World of #Biggleton and @CBeebiesHQ , it's a lovely place to visit." How sweet!


Eamonn sent his well wishes to the new narrator

John Gordon Sinclair, who is stepping into Eamonn's role, did receive some criticism from parents on Twitter – who were shocked when they realised the Northern Irish presenter hadn't returned to the show. "@CBeebiesHQ you have ruined #biggleton - where is @EamonnHolmes? The new narrator is terrible," was one harsh review, while another viewer said: "Er why is @EamonnHolmes not narrating in Series 2 of #Biggleton @CBeebiesHQ? I miss his singing #sadface."

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The actor is well-known for starring in eighties film Gregory's Girl - which did seem to calm some grown-up Biggleton fans - after the CBeebies parenting feed tweeted: "Spotted a new voice on #Biggleton? It’s John Gordon Sinclair. Yes... Gregory." One replied, "I was a bit sad not to hear @EamonnHolmes singing 'she’s a clever, clever scientist' on the new series of #Biggleton but learning the new voice is that of Gregory’s Girl’s Gregory has cheered me up."

Another joked: "Really missing @EamonnHolmes in #Biggleton already. He was definitely my favourite. That said, if it's going to be a different narrator each season I want Joanna Lumley for s3 and Danny Dyer for s4."

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Eamonn revealed he will no longer voice Biggleton on Tuesday, reasoning that a scheduling clash meant he couldn't record the second series. "Thank you everyone re #Biggleton, I never thought I would be missed but had to say goodbye because of a conflict of recording dates. Lovely to have been the voice for the first season," he said.

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