There was a BIG blunder on Jack & Dani: Life After Love Island – did you spot it?

Did Sam just drink that pint really quickly?

Emmy Griffiths

Fans had a mixed reaction to Jack and Dani: Live After Love Island, which looked at the relationship of Love Island's winning couple, Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer, in the months following their stint on the reality show. While some fans quickly got into the drama, others were disappointed by the production quality, with several viewers pointing out a big continuity error. In one scene, Jack is having a sincere conversation with his Love Island co-stars Adam Collard and Sam Bird when Sam's pint goes from full to empty, seemingly during the same conversation.


Sam's pint went from full to empty

One person wrote: "The editing is so bad on this. When they cut to Adam and Sam. Every time their pint glass is either full and then empty in the space of a second my god." Another shared a clip of the moment, writing: "Sam and his disappearing pint." The pair opened up about their relationship on the show and how it has changed since leaving the Love Island villa, with Dani saying: "Relationships in the villa are probably always going to be perfect, because you're in a surreal situation. That's all you have, each other. There is nothing outside to affect that. You come out of the villa and then have to re-learn about each other."

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Jack added: "In the villa you're surrounded by people 24/7 that are massively supportive and will always give you positive advice. But then you're in the big bad world. So you have the mixture of positive and negative. Basically it's a real relationship now which is where you take the rough with the smooth, like anything in life."

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