Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield burst into laughter over hilarious chat about sloths

Holly thinks sloths explode when they're the 'right way up'

This Morning fans are delighted to welcome back Holly Willoughby this week, after she took some time off to present I'm a Celebrity. Reunited with Phillip Schofield, the pair are already back to doing what they do best - gigging! Yes, Holly and Phil are known for breaking into fits of laughter during the live show and, on Wednesday's episode, the laughter fit happened because of one of the most bizarre blunders yet. Phil was bewildered when Holly claimed that sloths exploded if they were turned the 'right way up'.

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Before she explained, Phil said through a burst of laughter: "You're actually going to say it?' Holly continued: "I thought, and I'm sure I've been told, and we've been frantically Googling it, but apparently wrong, and if anybody knows… But if you turn a sloth up the right way, it will explode." Phil asked if she's been told the false fact in Australia, buy Holly replied: "No. I've definitely heard that somewhere, but I don't know if it's true. Now I'm hearing it out loud, I'm questioning it even more." After a hilarious discussion about sloths, Holly continued: "I've got a feeling there's some truth to it somewhere."

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Fans loved the funny moment between the two presenters, with many taking to Twitter to share their confusion. One pointed out how many viewers were double-checking Holly's claim, writing: "@thismorning @Schofe @hollywills "do sloths explode when upright" is now trending on google search. #Explodedsloth." Another added: "Thanks Holly for making my day! Had a good giggle at your sloth comment. My sister and I convinced a relative, that sheep were so adept on hills because their legs were shorter on one side." A third fan joked about Holly winning a National Television Award for her mixup, writing: "@thismorning @Schofe @hollywills if Holly’s sloth story doesn’t help win a NTA this year nothing will [crying with laughter faces]."

But don't worry, according to a quick Google search - the sloths are safe!