Danny John-Jules' Death in Paradise replacement gets mixed response

What do you think about Death in Paradise's newest cast member, Ruby?

Death in Paradise fans have had a mixed response to Shyko Amos, who joined season eight as a new officer on the team following Danny John-Jules' character officer Dwayne Myers' exit. The character, who is described as "a bundle of joy" and a "whirlwind", seems to have won plenty of viewers' hearts, while others are taking longer to warm to her. One person wrote: "It's official! I LOVE Ruby! She's hilarious," while another added: "She's actually very entertaining. But to be fair we all know a Ruby."

What do you think of Ruby?

However, others weren't so keen, with one writing: "I wanted to like Ruby. I really did. But I can't help it. She's so annoying!" Another person tweeted: "I know she's playing the 'annoying with heart of gold who will inevitably solve the mystery by accident' character trope but I find Ruby extremely fake and really tiresome." Cast member Josephine Jobert (Florence Cassell) admitted that it was "weird" not having Danny on the show anymore, but praised Shyko for taking over. She said: "It felt a bit weird, because he's been here since the very beginning. His character was very strong and very important. But [his replacement, Shyko Amos] is perfect. It's the best choice – her, and her character. People are going to love her, for sure. It feels like she's been on the show forever."

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Ardal O'Hanlon, who similarly replaced Kris Marshall as the show's lead, agreed, explaining: "We're all dispensable. Absolutely, when I heard that Danny was leaving, I thought, 'Hmm. How will that play? How will the audience take that?' Because he’s a very popular character in the show, and he’s been there since the start as well, so there’s that. But we’ve seen time and time again that the show survives these cast changes."

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