Fans are already worried about Steph and Jonathan on Married at First Sight

Do you think Steph and Jonathan have what it takes?

Emmy Griffiths

Channel 4's Married at First Sight kicked off in style on Wednesday night as the series' first couple, Steph and Jonathan, tied the knot after meeting each other for the very first time while walking down the aisle. Although the couple spent the day celebrating being made husband and wife, many viewers have already suggested that they don't think that they will last the test of time.

The couple tied the knot after meeting for the very first time

The first warning signs for fans was when Steph revealed that she had struggled with trust issues in the past, only for Jonathan to have two female best friends acting a joint 'Best Man' on the day. One person tweeted: "Oh dear, matching a guy with loads of female friends, with a girl who has trust issues? How on earth did they think this was a good idea?" Another person added: "Ok so Steph has trust issues, and Jonathan is rocking up with not one but TWO beautiful female best friends."

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Others suggested that Steph didn't look too happy following their marriage vows, with some suggesting that Jonathan might be more interested in her than the other way round. One person wrote: "Anyone else feel Steph’s words saying one thing but her eyes and body language another?" Another person wrote: "It's such a shame because he's clearly a gentleman and lovely but she's so not gonna fall for him." Speaking about taking part in the show, Steph said: "The type of man I attract are the time wasters. The cliche bad boy, I suppose and no matter how many times you go through it you think you're going to be the one to change them."The second episode of the series, which will air on Wednesday 27 March, will see whether the viewers' predictions come true after the pair go on their honeymoon together.

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