Married at First Sight star Steph admits she wants divorce from Jonathan

Steph was unsure about the compatibility of the relationship

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In a moment that perhaps every fan of Married at First Sight saw coming, Steph admitted that she didn't want to stay married to Jonathan in a hugely awkward moment involving his family and friends. The couple, who wed shortly after meeting each other for the first time on the hugely popular Channel 4 show, had problems in their relationship from the beginning, with Steph admitting that she couldn't understand why she had been matched to her new husband, while Jonathan remained oblivious to her concerns over the relationship.


Steph admitted she wanted to divorce Jonathan

Wednesday's episode saw the pair have a fall out on their last night of the honeymoon before living together for a week, with Steph admitting that she was struggling to make the relationship work. Speaking to the camera, she said: "It's weird moving into a house with a stranger when you've already spent a week together and there wasn't really a connection... It's difficult because the honeymoon is where I said I'd put full effort in. But I'm just finding it quite difficult to spend 24/7 with someone. Especially someone you're not fully getting on with."

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The pair then attended a party with Jonathan's friends where they discussed Decision Day, where they will decide if they want to remain married or part ways. While Jonathan said he'd like to stay hitched, Steph caused a Twitter storm when she said she wanted a divorce. One person wrote: "First time watching #MarriedAtFirstSightUk and oh my goodness this is the most awkward show. I feel so sorry for them," while another added: "[Steph is] only interested in seeing her friends. Pulling faces at everything he says. And to embarrass him by saying she wants a divorce in front of his friends!" However, others defended the reality show contestant, with one writing: "Steph doesn’t like him end of. You cant force yourself to like someone."

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