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Jill Dando's brother Nigel opens up about theory on who killed his sister

Jill Dando was murdered in 1999. The killer was never caught

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Jill Dando's brother, Nigel, has opened up about his personal theory on who killed his sister on Lorraine. Nigel will also appear on the documentary The Murder of Jill Dando on Tuesday night to speak about his sister's tragic death. Speaking to Lorraine Kelly, he said: "I tend to think it wasn't a professional hit. I think you can rule out the Serbian hitman, which was a popular theory that was doing the rounds at the time. For what it's worth, my belief is that it was just a misguided individual on the street on the day, with a firearm, who knew where Jill lived, and who just 'struck lucky'. For whatever reason, that person was in that street and did what that person did. I doubt we will ever know now because of the passage of time."

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Jill was killed in 1999

Speaking about the terrible period after her murder, he continued: "It was a very difficult time. Very difficult to come to terms with, to an extent, it is now 20 years on… you have to move on, you never forget, but you have to move on. More importantly in this case, it is important you know who did it, but to an extent it's more important to me to know why. I'm not aware that Jill had any enemies. She hadn't upset anybody. What you see was what you got with Jill. She was very friendly. That for 20 years is what has baffled her friends and family. Why did it happen?"

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Jill's case was never solved, and the truth about her death remains a mystery to this day. Speaking about other theories, Nigel said: "All avenues have to be investigated by police. In the early days, who knew what it might be or more importantly what the motive might have been. The weeks have turned to months, and the months have turned to years, and the years have turned to decades, and no one has been convicted of Jill's murder."

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