Where was Deep State season two filmed? 

Find out everything you need to know about Deep State season two's filming locations 

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Deep State is finally back on our screens for season two, and sees Joe Dempsie and Alistair Petrie reprise their roles as Harry Clarke and George White respectively. The pair sat down with HELLO! to chat about the new show, and opened up about their filming locations - which included Cape Town, and the edge of the Sahara Desert in Morocco!


Joe Dempsie plays Harry Clarke in the show

Chatting about filming in "the middle of the desert", Alistair explained: "In fact, Morocco, we went from sort of the relative ease of filming in Cape Town - that has an amazing infrastructure, and actors love going there because a. weather is great, just as winter hits here, go somewhere sunny. There is food and there is wine and it's gorgeous to look at. And then we went to Morocco to the polar opposite, we were shooting where NASA go to test their Mars buggies - because it is the nearest geography you can get to Mars - pretty flat and rocky. And then we go into the Sahara Desert to shoot - which is pretty cool. A real one-off experience."


The cast and crew filmed in Morocco

Joe added: "It was also because of the way the shoot was set up, there was something weird and odd and magical about the whole thing, we are at the beginnings of the Sahara desert, all staying in this sort of bizarre hotel – in which we are the only guests, slightly like Faulty Towers meets the Shining – with nothing really to do, when we came back from work, we came back to the hotel. You can't just hop in a taxi and go somewhere. You are in the middle of nowhere – this cabin fever, tunnel vision element."

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The pair joked that the cast struggled to find places to eat, with Alistair explaining: "I used to say things like, 'Who fancies a bite to eat?' Well let's just dial that back, let's see if we can find some food. I think actually when we arrived, we arrived at night and when sort of dawn came we looked out and we looked North, South, East, West and there was nothing to see at all apart from this surreally planted hotel. I think there was a sense of we could potentially lose our minds and go very kind of nuts." Speaking about the snacks they could get theirs hands on, Joe said: "Pringles and Laughing Cow cheese - that was the diet," to which Alistair added: "And Oreas for pudding!" Deep State season two is currently available on Fox TV.

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