Trust Me viewers impressed by shock twist ending

Warning, spoilers for the season two finale ahead!

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Fans of Trust Me were seriously impressed by the show's surprise twist which (warning, spoiler alert for the season finale) saw Debbie (Ashley Jensen) revealed as the real killer at the hospital after her colleague, Dr Zoe Wade, was arrested for the crimes. In the episode, it is revealed that the physiotherapist Debbie is the culprit all along after Jamie finally opens up to her about his time in the army, where he killed a man in the lead-up to his own injury. Debbie tells him that she relates to his story, explaining: "I understand. I do. You just wanted to help him. You just wanted to put him out of his misery."


Debbie was the real culprit all along

Later in the episode, she tries to drown him in the pool and the pair fight it out as Jamie tries to save himself. Before trying to drown him, she tells him: "He asked for your help and you gave it, that's all. That's what we have in common. When someone needs us, we're there to help," causing Jamie to realise that Debbie is the real 'angel of death'. Fortunately, Debbie is apprehended before she manages to kill Jamie.

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Fans were quick to discuss the surprise twist, with one writing: "Ashley Jensen!!! No way it's you!! (it's her isn't it???... is it her???)." Another person added: "Well that was worth sticking with! Great show!!! #TrustMe." A third person added: "I thought it was Debbie at the start, but then I went off her. I still think Archie and Alex are also very dodgy!" However, not all of the viewers were impressed, as many commented that the episode was far too dark to watch properly. One person tweeted: "It's not surprising people are dying, the hospital is so dark the Doctors can't see what they're doing," while another person added; "Never explained why it was so dark and misty. Well. There we go."

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