Football legend to make cameo appearance in Emmerdale – find out who!

We can't wait to see him in action

Emmy Griffiths

Emmerdale farm is about to welcome a football legend! Chris Kamara has confirmed that he will be making cameo appearances in two upcoming episodes of the hugely popular soap, and revealed how excited he was to have a role in the show. He said: "I watch Emmerdale with my wife and my son, in fact my son is a massive Emmerdale fan so if I was coming down, they had to come too. It was a great day and I loved it! I essentially got to play myself and not a character, but hopefully that'll be the next thing along the line."


Chris opened up about the role

Speaking about welcoming him into the cast for a short time, producer Kate Brooks said: "We're absolutely delighted to have Chris join us for a special cameo in Emmerdale. With Chris' football expertise, he certainly manages to ruffle a few feathers with our newly formed Woolpack football team." In the show, Chris will play a manager for a local football team who are playing against Emmerdale. The villagers' become competitive as a big village football match put them to the test, and Doug and Jimmy become even more passionate about the game when they find out that Chris is managing the opposing team.


Chris will play a local football manager

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So how long will we have to wait to see Chris in action? According to ITV, the episodes including the football star will air at the end of June. Fans will surely be looking forward to some comic relief after the recent heartbreaking storyline of Lisa Dingle's death. Speaking about saying goodbye to the character after playing her for nearly a quarter of a century, actress Jane Cox said: " Saying goodbye to Lisa is very hard. It is very hard to say goodbye to her, but I know it's the best thing. There would be no way that she could come and go, and for me, it's probably best to say, 'Right, that's it. That's the end of that.' I will miss everybody and I really value the audience most of all because that's who we're doing it for."

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