Is Blackadder making a comeback? Creator Richard Curtis drops huge hint 

The series originally aired from 1983 to 1989

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Would you be up for some more Blackadder? According to the creator of the period comedy, a one-off special could certainly be on the cards! Speaking to the Daily Star about whether the popular show starring Rowan Atkinson and Toby Robinson would ever return, he said: "I’m always hoping Rowan and I will do one last live show and bring on Blackadder for a 10-minute bit. Getting Rowan and Tony Robinson on stage together again would be gorgeous."


Will Blackadder be back on our screens soon?

Speaking about what to expect if they ever reunited for a one-off show, he continued: "The thing about Blackadder was, it was a young man’s show criticising older people, saying how stupid those in authority were. So I did once think, 'If we ever did anything again, it should be Blackadder as a teacher in a university, about how much we hate young people!'"


Richard Curtis created Blackadder

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Blackadder originally aired from 1983 to 1989, and looked at periods including World War I, the reign of Richard III, the Elizabethan era and the Middle Ages. Although Richard is up for writing another Blackadder episode, one of the cast members, Tim McInnerny, isn't too sure about the idea. Speaking to the Express, he previously said: "One of the things that is interesting is that people think they want it to come back – the general viewing public – but if we all came back now in our 50s and 60s, they wouldn’t like it. I’m serious." He continued: "It reminds you too much of your own mortality and you don’t want that in a sitcom. You don’t want to see those characters being 30 years older. You wouldn’t get us all together again. Everyone’s doing other things. There comes a point when you should leave it alone."

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