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7 questions we have after watching Stranger Things 3

Spoilers ahead for ALL of Stranger Things 3!

7 questions we have after watching Stranger Things 3

If you're anything like us, you've already bingewatched all eight excellent episodes of Netflix's Stranger Things 3. However, the popular Netflix show did leave us with some seriously huge questions. If you still need to catch up and want to avoid spoilers, stop reading here. For everyone else, let's take a lot of some of the biggest questions we had since asking, 'What on earth is the Upside Down?'

Where are the Byers family moving to?

The final scene saw an emotional Joyce, Jonathan, Will and Elle bid farewell to their friends in Hawkins as they begin a new life somewhere else, but do we even know where they are planning to go? Wherever it is, we can only guess there'll be some horrors there too. Maybe they're moving to Salem? Sunnydale? Either way, things certainly won't be the same now that Will and Elle are out of radio range from all of their pals!

strangerthings 2

Is the threat really gone?

The creatures were vanquished once more, Joyce and Hopper stopped the Russians from reopening the horrible gate to the Upside Down, so why don't we feel like this particular storyline is finished once and for all? If they found a way through once, we're guessing that chances are they will again. Demagorgans are notoriously difficult to kill, and now Elle isn't even there to help out anymore – how will Hawkins cope?

Will Robin find love?

We discovered that, far from fancying Steve back in their school days, Robin was actually fawning over another girl in their class who never gave her the time of day as SHE was obsessed with Steve instead. Since love is clearly not on the cards between Steve, Robin or that random girl, we can only assume that our new favourite finds romance in season four.

stranger things robin

Did the evil Russians vacate Hawkins?

Sure, Elle managed to kill many Russians by lobbing a car at them, and Joyce also every much did her bit by obliterating them all with the kill switch. However, there were an awful lot of evil 'moron' Russians beneath their feet. Do you think we've seen the last of them? Doubtful! It's a little worrying as well, since they know Dustin's full name thanks to Steve. Oops.

Will Will get a love interest?

A big point of conflict in season three is that some of the Stranger Things youngsters are growing up faster than others. While Lucas and Mike have become obsessed with their girlfriends, and Dustin is obsessed with Suzie from summer camp AND his super awesome radio, Will is trying to cling to the good old days of Dungeons and Dragons. It's a little heartbreaking to see, especially when Mike makes the comment about how Will isn't interested in girls during their fight. But will we see someone for Will in season four, maybe after they've moved?

stranger things will

Will Eleven's powers eventually come back?

After fighting with a massive Upside Down creature (and exploding a piece of it out of her leg, which we're still having nightmares by the way), Elle's powers appeared to have left her. She used to be able to throw cars with her mind, and now she can't even grab a teddy bear from the back of the wardrobe for goodness sake! While we're hoping they come back for season four, could this just be a sign that she is growing up, like how Lyra stops being able to read the Alethiometer in His Dark Materials and Matilda doesn't need to use her powers anymore in Matilda? Possibly.

Is Hopper really dead?

This is the biggie. Although Hopper doesn't miraculously appear in the final moments of the show, we also don't see a body either. And in Stranger Things, if there's no body, anything could happen! (In fact, sometimes anything could happen even if they DO find a body, see season one). Hopper was in a firing line when Joyce destroyed the Russians machine and closed the gate to the Upside Down once more, but could something else have happened to him? We hope so, Hawkins isn't Hawkins without its Sherriff!

stranger things hopper

And finally....what are we going to do with ourselves until Stranger Things 4?

Season 3 might be over but don't worry - there are some fun things to keep you occupied for at least some of the time before the next season hits. One thing which will help you while away your time (and let us just make this clear - not just an hour or two....but literally days and days!) is the incredible Lego Stranger Things set - 2287 bricks which help you literally recreate every moment and hang out with every character in both the Byers' home and its upside down equivalent. Eleven even carries an Eggo waffle!

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