A sneak peek at Amber and Joanna's catch-up on Love Island has been revealed... and it did NOT go well

The clip also hints at the end of Amy and Curtis

Love Island had perhaps its most dramatic recoupling ever on Tuesday night when fan favourite couple Michael and Amber split when Michael decided to recouple with a new girl, Joanna, therefore leaving Amber single. As tensions unsurprisingly exploded in the aftermath, Joanna and Amber had stayed away from one another until they received a text telling them they had to go for a catch-up outside of the villa together.

Amber got a text asking her to go for a catch-up

In a sneak peek of how their discussion went, the pair appeared to have a heated exchange about the events that took place during recoupling, where Amber insulted Joanna by calling her a 'dead ting'. Unapologetic about pairing up with Michael, Joanna said: "I don't want there to be tension in the villa, I know we're not going to be the best of friends, I know that, but now is the opportunity to say what we have to say and then be on good-ish terms."

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Joanna defended herself

Amber revealed that she was irritated that Joanna didn't try to speak to her, explaining: "In my opinion, what I would do in your situation, I would have went up to the girl immediately." Joanna replied: "I did. I tried to say hi to you and you just wouldn't look at me... At the end of the day, I did come and say hello, you can hold onto it if you like. Then you called me a dead ting." Amber tried to explain it was because she was upset that Joanna didn't try to speak to her, to which she fired back: "So you comment on a girl's looks? Because she didn't come and say hi to you?" Meanwhile, Michael was clearly worried about the pair having it out, and told Anton: "I'm just thinking about what Amber is going to say to Joanna. She could twist things in a way that she would want Joanna to be put off me and get her on side. Then she'd be like, 'Oh, I win.'"

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