Piers Morgan taken OFF-AIR after criticising Good Morning Britain boss

The TV presenter hit out at Erron Gordon on the show

Piers Morgan is not one to shy away from controversy, and he certainly didn't hold back on Good Morning Britain on Monday! The 54-year-old decided to call out the show's director Erron Gordon, revealing that he had taken offence to comments Erron had made on social media. "We've got our director back today, Erron. Last week he directed the big debate and then he tweeted that it was his career highlight," Piers told viewers. "So his career highlight doesn’t involve the people he works with every day… It's alright, we're not taking it personally."

Piers Morgan's image was replaced by a 'technical difficulties' screen

Piers continued: "I was going to take you to the White House for my next interview with Trump, but… That's showbiz, you're gone." Piers' image was then abruptly replaced by a screen stating that the show was suffering from 'technical difficulties'. Clearly unimpressed, Piers joked: "Technical difficulties? There'll be directorial difficulties, trust me."

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The TV star shared this Instagram photo in celebration of England's cricket World Cup win

The TV star decided to host Monday's show wearing an England cricket short, in celebration of the team's World Cup win on Sunday. He shared a photo of himself and Susanna Reid, whose dress was in keeping with the colour scheme, showing the duo celebrating the historic result. Coverage on the ITV show was dominated by the news – but one viewer was not happy, tweeting: "@piersmorgan get on with the rest of the news, had enough of boring cricket." It didn’t take long for Piers to respond. "The boring cricket… THE BORING CRICKET… how dare you!!" he retaliated. "This was the greatest cricket match in history, the greatest sporting thrilled in history. I can't have someone who doesn’t understand that watching @GMB again. Go watch @BBCBreakfast."

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