Love Island's Chris reveals romance blossomed between Jordan and India during behind-the-scenes meals  

We never see the islanders eating lunch or dinner

Emmy Griffiths

We were devastated to say goodbye to Chris from Love Island on Wednesday night, and the dumped islander has since opened up about his time on the island – particularly about the explosive last few days which saw the villa divide after Jordan attempted to pursue India, despite being in a relationship with Anna. Although fans suggested that Jordan's feelings appeared to have come from nowhere, Chris revealed that he noticed Jordan's growing feelings towards her during their mealtimes, which are never shown during the episode.


Chris said he knew Jordan liked India

Chatting to reporters including HELLO! after leaving the villa, he admitted that he wasn't surprised when he realised Jordan liked India, explaining: "No because [viewers] see a finite amount of time… there were conversations between India and Jordan that you'll never see, there was a lot of flirtiness there. There's a lot of us eating lunch, us eating dinner. We're not allowed to talk about the show and we talk about whatever we want, but in those moments there's a lot of potential relationships, a lot of flirtiness goes on. So it didn't come out of nowhere, I had a feeling I knew what Jordan was going to do."

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Chris opened up about the couple's split

Chris also revealed that he would be continuing his relationship with Harley after leaving the villa, and admitted that he would have become interested in her even if India had reciprocated his feelings. He said: "When India came in I was a bit blinded by her… and there was a moment where I actually looked at Harley and thought, 'You know what? She's an absolutely snack and she's funny.' The original reason I had reservations about Harley was the age difference and it took a bit of time to get to know her a little bit better and a bit of time to realise that in fact we're on the same wavelength… So if India had been into me I would have done the same thing that I did."

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