Ben Shephard recalls a very embarrassing moment GMB co-star Kate Garraway had in a hotel

Oh no, Kate!

Aisha Nozari

Tipping Point wouldn't be the same without Ben Shephard, and the host always knows how to keep things interesting. In Friday's show, he convinced contestant and Good Morning Britain co-host Kate Garraway to spill the beans on a particularly embarrassing run-in she once had while staying in a hotel.

Ben explained: "You know that dream where you go to work naked then you wake up in great panic/relief because it was only a dream - well for @kategarraway it wasn’t a dream, it was real, and for the security guard who copped an eyeful it’s now a recurring nightmare."


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Kate explained her mishap to Ben

In the video posted to Instagram, Ben asks Kate to tell the audience about the time she traumatised a security guard. Kate hilariously explains: "I was staying overnight at a hotel, and as you know, we get up very early in the morning. I staggered downstairs in this hotel just after two [am], and I couldn’t get out of the door, so I was rattling the door and this security guard came rushing up and said: 'Let me let you out,' and as he was doing so he kept looking really scared. I looked down and became aware that I didn’t have a skirt on. And I said: 'Oh, I don't appear to have any clothes on,' and he said: 'No, you don’t, but I'm going to keep my eyes up here and just let you out.'"

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Kate and Ben are notoriously close

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Of course, fans of the show found the segment hilarious, leaving comments beneath Ben's video to let him know just how much Kate's story had tickled them. One Instagrammer replied: "Bet Kate wished she was dreaming! What great colleagues you have on GMB Ben," and another exclaimed: "This has made my evening. I take it you didn't do the last-minute mirror check before walking out?" We're sure from now on Kate will be frantically checking the mirror every time she leaves the house.

Tipping Point first aired on ITV back in 2012 and has since become one of the nation's favourite daytime game shows. In the quiz show, contestants must battle their way through general knowledge questions in order to win big gold counters that can be used on an arcade-style coin pusher machine in a bit to win thousands of pounds. Truly nerve-racking stuff!

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