Netflix's The Good Place's final season - FIRST clip revealed

We're devastated Netflix's The Good Place is coming to an end!

Holy forking shirtballs, we can't believe that the fourth and final season of The Good Place is nearly here. The Netflix comedy, which follows the selfish and morally corrupt Eleanor after she finds herself accidentally put in the 'Good Place' after she dies, will air on 26 September in the US – meaning that its Netflix premiere date for the UK won't be far behind! The first clip, which aired exclusively on Entertainment Weekly, reveals that the Bad Place minions are plotting how to bring down the Good Place, once and for all.

It will be the fourth and final season of the show

Season three concluded with the judge ruling that four 'average' humans, with no knowledge of the Good Place or Bad Place, can spend a year in the Good Place to see whether it changes them for the better or not. In the clip, titled 'The Selection', Michael's former boss Shawn is looking for pitches on who they can nominate to go to the Good Place. He said: "Alright d-bags shut up, you're probably wondering why I called this meeting… We're here today to choose four new humans for Michael's medium place experiment. If Michael's experiment fails, the Bad Place wins forever. But we can only guarantee that happens if we choose four truly terrible people who have no chance of improvements."

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Are you looking forward to the series?

Fans have already been discussing the upcoming new series, with one writing: "I'm gonna cry, aren't I? Damn you motherforking shirtheads for ending one of my favourite shows but thank you to everyone on the show for putting together a show that stole a little piece of my heart. Good luck everyone on your future endeavours." Another person added: "Wasn't aware it going to end until I saw the video. Better that it ended in a way that the show isn't dragging too many seasons."

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