Woman goes on hunger strike to save Netflix show

One of the stars of the show has encouraged her not to harm herself

A super fan of the cancelled Netflix show The OA has gone on a hunger strike outside of the Netflix offices in California to protest the cancellation of the show. The protester, Emperial Young, 35, has revealed that she hasn't eaten since August 16, and has opened up about the situation to the LA Times. She explained: "It is an absurd overreaction to protest with a hunger strike over the cancellation of a television show. And I acknowledge that, but it’s because my protest for ‘The OA’ is really a culmination of multiple factors."

The OA was cancelled after two seasons

Speaking about why she loves the show, she added: "It’s helped people process their trauma. It’s helped people feel like they’re not invisible." One of the stars of the series, Jason Isaacs, has taken to Twitter to request that no one harm themselves over protesting the series' cancellation, writing: "Passionately, incisively and beautifully argued but please, please don't harm yourself to honour a story that celebrates how we can help each other to undo harm. Sending you and the other flashmob angels all our awe. We see you."

A fan has been protesting against the series' cancellation since August 19

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Emperial replied to him, writing: "Thank you, Jason. I just wish people would see that mental pain can far outweigh the physical. I can endure physical pain. It's the mental pain that always threatens to destroy me. I hope I haven't disappointed you too much. Much love." While other fans have been less extreme in their protesting against the show's cancellation, a GoFundMe campaign to promote the show raised over £4000, and a petition to reinstate the show has now reached nearly 80,000 signatures. The co-creator and star of the show, Brit Manning, took to Instagram to discuss the response to the show's cancellation, writing: "We’re humbled, to be honest, floored, by the outpouring of support for The OA. You're building something far more beautiful than we did because it's in real time, in real life, with real people . . . The show doesn't need to continue for this feeling to."

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