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Friends cast members say they were 'wronged' by show

We definitely see their point about the downside of being on Friends!

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Former Friends actresses Alexandra Holden and Bonnie Somerville, who both played love interests to Ross Geller on the popular comedy show, have revealed that they felt their characters were "wronged" in the series. This is largely due to the fact that the six 'friends' only ever seemed to get along with one another, rather than ever let anyone else into their lives! We see their point but hey, no one told them life was gonna be this way.

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Alexandra spoke about the show

Chatting to Entertainment Weekly, Bonnie, who played Mona, said: "Today, I'm speaking on behalf of Mona and all the show's exes to demand justice… They only let one person into the circle for good and that was Paul Rudd. Sure, fine, he doesn't age. But what does Mike Hannigan have that Mona doesn't?" Alexandra, who played Elizabeth Stevens in the show, added: "We've been wronged. Did the friends even like anybody but each other?"

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Ross eventually ends up with Rachel

She continued: "I dated Ross for months and the only time I can remember being anywhere but the West Village was the time we went to my grandmother's cabin." Bonnie then jokily asked that fans support the 'exes' of the show, saying: "So today I ask you to band together to honour the exes of Friends." Bonnie previously opened up about her role in the show, saying: "My agent said, 'They're casting episode one and there's a small role that has maybe a couple of lines.' I went in and [series creators] Marta [Kaufman] and David [Crane] were in the room, and it was over in a second. Then my agent called and said, 'You got in, you're going in to work on Monday.'"

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