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Sex and the City star lost sleep over Friends role

This sounds like it would be quite daunting!

Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Fans of Friends will probably remember when Sex and the City star Kristin Davis had a turn in the hugely popular sitcom show as Erin, a love interest of Joey's who doesn't like him quite as much as he likes her. The actress, who is best known for her role as Charlotte York in Sex and the City, opened up about what was going on behind-the-scenes of the episode, and admitted that she "lost sleep" in the lead up to her appearance.

Kristin played Erin in Friends

Speaking to, she said: "I remember losing sleep. Sex and the City was in production, but I was nervous to be the tiny character of Erin [on Friends], losing sleep, partly because of the live audience, but partly because you're in this world that has been created that is so alive and so specific and you’re trying to make sure you’re fitting yourself in there properly. I remember, like, 'Will I set that joke up okay? Will Matt be happy? Will I just go blank?' Things go through your head when you’re in those situations that are heightened like that. Obviously, it was the highest of the high at that point."

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friends ross rachel

Jennifer recently opened up about a Friendsreunion

Kristin's comments about the show cane shortly after Jennifer Aniston hinted that there may well be a Friends reunion in the future. Chatting on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, she said: "Why not? You know what, because, listen, I told you this. I would do it... The girls would do it. And the boys would do it, I'm sure." However, co-creator Marta Kauffman had different ideas, telling the Associated Press: "Why mess up a good thing? We wouldn’t want a reunion to disappoint fans."

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