Paul Hollywood not happy with 'awful' technical challenge on Great British Bake Off

Was this GBBO's worst round of bakes ever?

Paul Hollywood was shocked after a particularly bad technical challenge of The Great British Bake Off, which saw almost all of the bakers fail to deliver the (baked) goods during Dairy Week. Tasked with making Maids of Honour tarts, the bakers struggled with the pastry and curd, and made Paul jokily storm away from the table while trying out the creations.

Paul was not best pleased

Looking at the various bakes, he said: "They’re awful. They’re really bad… By and large, they’re all a little too shallow." Looking at Priya's bake, who placed last in the challenge, he said: "What? I’m not even going to look at that one." Even Steph, who came out on top, wasn't overwhelmed with praise, as Paul's fellow judge Prue Leith said: "I wish I could say they were the best Maids of Honour I'd ever eaten. But they were certainly the best of these lot. Well done."

What do you think about the new group of bakers?

Fans were quick to discuss the bad bakes, with one writing: "When everyone's technical bake is THAT BAD that Paul Hollywood looked like he was ready to leave the tent himself," while another added: "Paul is being so mean this week you'd think he's lactose intolerant."

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Fans were also unhappy with the decision to send Phil home, with one person writing: "I am actually disgusted by the result tonight, Priya who came last in technical and didn't do that well in other two challenges goes through and Phil who has one slightly disappointing showstopper (but did well in other bakes) goes out." Another person added: "Michael couldn’t get his cake out of the tin, Priya failed miserably in the technical yet it’s Phil who has been set home?!?!"

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