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Prue Leith reveals the one thing Paul Hollywood doesn't like doing on Bake Off – and it might surprise you!

The Hollywood handshake is more complex on GBBO than we thought!

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Prue Leith has opened up about her fellowGreat British Bake Off judge, Paul Hollywood, and revealed the one thing he tries to avoid doing on the show – giving out handshakes! The 'Hollywood handshake' has become the stuff of legend on the popular Channel 4, as Paul only bestows them on a contestant who has gone above and beyond the challenge with their bake. However, Prue hilariously revealed that she knows Paul doesn't like giving them out, explaining: "It's quite interesting watching Paul giving a handshake because there's something in him that really doesn't want to."

gbbo channel 4

The team are back on 28 August

The 78-year-old continued: "And then he knows, 'This is perfect, I have got to put my hand out.'" Paul agreed, explaining: "I give a handshake out when I think they deserve a handshake and it's all down to the bake, the flavour, what they've created, is it unique, is it different, is it perfect, and is it professional." However, the TV personality was quite to confirm that he will indeed give out some handshakes in the new series, saying: "There are a few handshakes this year. There are a quite a few."

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He continued: "If someone does well you have to praise them, you know? It's all well and good ruling with a whip in the kitchen… but Bake Off is a different way. We try and encourage people to bake, that's what we do. It's constructive criticism. Yes I can be harsh sometimes in my description of something, but the aim is to get people to bake. The handshake – I don't know where it started, a few years ago, but it was because they deserved a well done. From me, well done. And that's what it's for."

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