Best 17 Netflix shows to watch in 2019 - from Stranger Things to Russian Doll

If you're looking for a Netflix romance, horror, sci-fi or comedy, we've got you covered

There might be too many shows on Netflix to keep track of (or to possibly watch), but we have put together the ones that truly stood out in the crowd. From romances to horror to game-changing sci-fi 80's themed comedy dramas (which show could we possibly be referencing here?!), check out Netflix's most popular, successful and beloved original shows here…

Stranger Things

Ever since the first episode of Stranger Things, where Will Byers disappeared after being chased home by an unseen entity and his friends encountered a strange girl in the forest, the sci-fi show has been a tour de force. Not only did it launch Millie Bobby Brown into worldwide stardom, it has also inspired whole plethora of merchandise, a clothing range and it's very own Secret Cinema experience.

The plot of this 80s drama follows the friends and family of Will, who are desperately trying to track him down after he mysteriously goes missing, leading the group of misfit friends into an adventure with otherworldly creatures, secret laboratories and supernatural powers. Season three was just released back in July, and there will be at least one of series of the smash hit. We're already ready and waiting!

Haunting of Hill House

Horror is suck a tricky genre to get right, that for a while we thought American Horror Story would be the only TV show to offer thrills and chills – until Haunting of Hill House landed on Netflix, of course. The first series followed five grown-up siblings who have all been affected, in very different ways, by the haunted house that they lived in when they were children. The action switches from their lives as children in the house and as adults, and it is certainly not one to watch alone and with the lights out… unless you want to lose sleep.

Orange is the New Black

As one of the first shows to drop on the streaming service – OITNB was met with some trepidation; all of the episodes in one place at once? And all online? Of course, it became an absolute phenomenon. The series has just concluded after seven seasons, and wrapped up the stories of the group of inmates, for better and for worse, who we have become seriously attached to over the years.


Although it was cancelled (to the shock of fans) after its third season, Daredevil was Netflix's first superhero show, and they made sure they did it right. The show starred Charlie Cox as Matt Murdoch AKA Daredevil, the blind vigilante who wrestled with his religion and ideas of morality while battling the bad guys of Hell's Kitchen, most notably the terrifying Wilson Fisk. Artistic, dramatic and with some celebrated fight scenes, this one is a Netflix staple.

After Life

Ricky Gervais' comedy drama about a deeply cynical local journalist who loses interest in life following the death of his wife had a huge effect on the people who watched it. Dealing with themes including grief and mortality, the comedy had fans laughing and crying as Tony begins to learn to see the good in the people around him. Of course, season two was quickly commissioned following it's roaring success, and will be released in 2020.


Netflix is very much a place for storytellers to create the stories they really want to tell, and this was never more evident than with Sense8, a weird and wonderful sci-fi show that followed a group of twenty-somethings who suddenly become connected to one another. Finding out that they can communicate with each other from wherever they are, and draw from each other's skills to help one another out, the group soon become deeply bonded – particularly when they discover that there are people who are trying to hunt them down.

Russian Doll

In this Emmy-nominated show, Nadia celebrates her birthday party, before she decides to leave and go looking for her cat, Oatmeal. On her way across the street, she is hit by a car and dies. Then, she wakes up at the beginning of birthday party. And so begins this Groundhog Day­-esque comedy drama. As Nadia desperately tries to understand why this is happening to her (karma? A haunted building? Just a really bad trip?), she meets someone who needs as much help as she does.

The Crown

The first two seasons of The Crown, Netflix's most expensive series to date, followed the Queen through the first two decades of her reign, dealing with everything from ineffective Prime Ministers to marriage troubles with her husband, Prince Philip. The show was a huge hit, with even Her Majesty herself reportedly being a fan. The next series, which is due to be released in November, will see Olivia Coleman takes over the role from Claire Foy to play a slightly older monarch, while Helena Bonham Carter will play Princess Margaret.

Black Mirror

Originally a creepy Channel 4, Black Mirror became an even creepier show after being acquired by Netflix after its third season. The anthology series mainly focuses on the future of technology, social media and the internet, and how the progression in these subjects can greatly impact the world (and not for the better, most of the time). The series also released a revolutionary one-off special, Bandersnatch, in which the viewer can select the actions that they want the main character to do next.

Happy Valley

Happy Valley follows Catherine Cawood, a dedicated sergeant who struggles with her personal grief since, nine years earlier, her daughter killed herself just weeks after giving birth from a child conceived from rape. Raising her grandson with the help of her sister, Claire, Catherine become obsessed with her daughter's attacker, Tommy Lee Royce, after he is released from prison – particularly since a kidnap is committed shortly following his release. Gripping and affecting, this is one British crime drama not to be missed, and both series just happen to be on Netflix!

Queer Eye

This series follows the Fab Five as they go around the US to help deserving men and women with their lives, be it that they need to spend more time on themselves, they are struggling to move forward in their lives, or they just need a bit of help. With each member of the team excelling in a certain area (Bobby, interior design. Antoni, making guacamole), each episode is so heart-warming it'll bring a tear to your eye, guaranteed.

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is a unique series which is probably the ideal thing to watch right before bedtime. The series follows Jane, a highly organised young woman who has promised not to have sex before marriage. However, a mistake during a smear tests leads her to accidentally artificially inseminated – with her old crush's baby. With love triangles, romance and comedy in abundance, this is well within its rights to be classed as a Netflix classic!

Anne with an 'E'

Based on the Anne of Green Gables novels, this sweet series follows the adventures of Anne, a young orphan girl who finds a home in Green Gables, and learns everything there is to know about friendship, family and love. It is the perfect period drama for anything who loves a classic, and is a lovely show to watch with the whole family.

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The Society

The series follows a group of High School students who return from a school trip to find their town totally abandoned and surrounded by dense forest with no escape – meaning that they are totally alone and cut off from their parents and families. Left to their own devices, the schoolchildren come up with their own form of democracy, but nothing remains calm for long.

American Vandal

American Vandal was cancelled after two series, but what a two series they were. Satirising true-crime documentaries, the series followed a couple of High School filmmakers as they attempt to get to the bottom of two serious, but also ridiculous, crimes. In series one, they need to find out the truth behind who spray-painted crude symbols on teachers' cars at school. In series two, they travel to a different school to investigate who spiked the High School's lemonade with laxatives.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This series follows the journey of a young woman trying to adjust to life in the real world after being held captive underground by a cult for more than 15 years. Funny, silly and with some genuinely great gags, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was a fan favourite among many, particularly thanks to Kimmy's melodramatic actor friend, Titus.