Holocaust survivor Dorit Oliver, 83, is looking for love on First Dates Hotel 

We hope she finds love during the episode!

A Holocaust survivor, who was rescued from a concentration camp as a child, will appear on Thursday night's First Dates Hotel, hoping to find love again following the sad death of her husband. Dorit Oliver, 83, was matched up with 82-year-old John for the special episode in Naples, Italy. Speaking about her experience, she said: "It felt very comfortable and the hotel was lovely. The show producers were amazing too, they really looked after me. Unfortunately, even though it was Italy, it wasn’t warm enough for me to jump in the pool."

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Chatting about meeting John, she continued: "He was very polite, he even brought me chocolates. You never know where things will go, but I wouldn’t mind if people watch the show and want to compete with John for me." Dorit decided to apply for the show following her husband Frank's passing in 2018. She revealed that a friend suggested she apply for the show, explaining: "I do a lot of public speaking to students and [a] college’s headmaster Rob Carter had been there for me after my husband’s death."

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The series is filmed in Naples, Italy

She continued: "He said that I shouldn’t be spending the rest of my life alone. I miss my husband very much, he was my best friend and soul mate. But when you lose someone it does leave a void in your life. One day I got a call saying I was on the show, out of 25,000 people they chose me. I was very surprised." Find out what happened on their date tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.

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