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Emmerdale fans left shocked after eagle eyed viewers spot amazing detail

Fans of the soap took to Twitter to discuss the large sum of money

Aisha Nozari

Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans have spotted a hilarious detail on the show – the unbelievable amount of money in Kim Tate's bank account! Kim, who lives in her large Home Farm mansion is a successful businesswoman, but when her account flashed up on screen fans were shocked to discover that Kim has more money to burn than they might have expected – and in her account was a whopping £455,100!


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The moment unfolded when Graham Foster tricked Ryan Stocks into giving him Kim's banking password, which hilariously, was her pet goldfish's name. Ryan revealed that many years ago, when Kim was just 10, she had named her goldfish Beezlebub. Graham then input the name and was able to successfully log into Kim's account.

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Graham has lots of enemies in the Dales

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Fans took to Twitter to discuss Kim's funds, and were astonished by the fact that access to Kim's money is protected by just a single password. One Emmerdale fan hilariously tweeted: "Seriously Kim no two step authentication," while another added: "I don't which bank Home Farm uses but my account security is much higher than that and I haven't even got any money in it."
It's been a chaotic few weeks for Graham, who has been busy preparing to flee the Dales and start a new life in France with Rhona Goskirk and her young son Leo. But before he set off, he was determined to get what he's owed from Kim. Graham and Rhona have had a turbulent time recently, and their relationship came close to ending numerous times. 

But Kim might not be the biggest of Graham's problems. It's already been revealed that Graham will meet his end in January, and many characters have a motive for wanting him dead. But which of them actually ends up murdering Graham is yet to be revealed. Could this be the whodunit of the year? 

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