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Fans shocked by Netflix documentary Don't F*** with Cats – find out more

Have you watched the three-part series yet?

Fans shocked by Netflix documentary Don't F*** with Cats – find out more

A new Netflix documentary has become one of the most discussed shows of the moment – with viewers in equal parts horrified and fascinated by the subject matter. Don't F*** with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer follows an online community – made up of animal rights activists and amateur sleuths - who become determined to track down a man who uploaded a series of videos of himself killing cats to the Internet. The three-part documentary is stranger than fiction, and fans have taken to Twitter to discuss the sensitive subject matter.


Fans took to Twitter to discuss the episode

One person wrote: "I didn't except this to be what it was with that title. 10/10 recommended. Could not keep my eyes off the screen & watched every episode in one sitting. People are crazy!" Another person added: "Just watched Dont F*** With Cats on Netflix and… this is just sooo good. I was morbidly disturbed when this news broke out in 2012, certainly not for the weak stomach but the people behind this docu is just absolutely brilliant!" A third person tweeted: "Just finished #DontFkWithCats on Netflix and now I need to watch cartoons or something to get murder off my mind before bed."

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Speaking about making the show, the director Mark Lewis explained: "What is so mind-blowing for me about this documentary series is that it plays out like a real thriller. [There are] twists and turns that no-one will see coming, a cast of internet heroes whose resourcefulness will have you cheering from the sidelines, and a murderer whose true identity will have you gasping when he is finally unmasked."

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