The hilarious story behind how Emma Thompson met her husband Greg Wise

Emma revealed how she and Greg began dating on The Graham Norton Show

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Emma Thompson has been married to her Sense and Sensibility co-star Greg Wise for 25 years, but revealed on The Graham Norton Show, which will air on Friday night, that their relationship had a somewhat unconventional beginning. The pair first met on the set of the Jane Austen period drama, and Emma revealed that Greg initially dated her co-star, Kate Winslet, before they got together.

She explained: "Before he did the job, he went to see a friend of his who was a bit witchy and she said he would meet his future partner on the film. He assumed it wasn't me because I was married and quite lot older than him so he thought it might be Kate (Winslet). He took her to Glastonbury, and she was so bored, and he thought, 'This isn't going to work, who can it be?' Then things happened that probably shouldn't have happened, and it's been 25 years in May."


The pair started going out after Greg dated Kate Winslet

Greg has also previously opened up about the start of their relationship, telling the Express that it was actually Kate who suggested he should date Emma instead of her: "[Kate] pointed out that we were right for each other and told me that Emma’s marriage was over. It was all meant to be, just as my friend Helen had predicted."

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The pair have been together for 25 years

Emma was also reunited with her close friend and ex-boyfriend, Hugh Laurie, on Graham's sofa, and the pair opened up about their university days. The Love Actually star explained: "It’s so odd sitting here now aged 60 because I clearly remember Hugh walking into the Footlights club room aged 19 dressed entirely in khaki. He did an audition as the emperor of China and I turned to my friend and said, 'He's a star.'" When fellow guest Robert Downey Jr asked if the pair had ever dated, Hugh confirmed: "We stepped out for a little bit."

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