Mary and Marina on Gogglebox

Gogglebox viewers express concern over missing fan favourite pair 

Where are Gogglebox's Mary and Marina? 

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Gogglebox fans have expressed concern over the whereabouts of Mary and Marina, an elderly pair of best friends who, despite being fan favourites, have been missing from the popular show over the last few episodes. Taking to Twitter, several viewers enquired after the ladies, with one writing: "I do hope Mary & Marina are doing ok @C4Gogglebox please tell them we miss them & give them lots of love." Another added: "What we need to know is “Are Mary & Marina okay?" A third fan tweeted: "Poor Mary and Marina are too at risk to do the show." 


Mary and Marina haven't been on the show for a while now 

However, the show's producer Tania Alexander reassured those concerned that Mary and Marina were okay, writing: "We speak each week. They are fine. Thank you for your concern." Replying to another fan, she added: "Yes they’re fine."

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The pair could be struggling to film the show as they live in a retirement village, meaning that the filming crews would have a harder time in setting up the cameras as elderly people are most at risk from COVID-19. Other stars on the show including Sid Siddiqui have been forced to miss several episodes due to the lockdown, and Sid recently thanked fans for their support on Twitter, writing: "A big hi to all my friends, I don’t feel you’re fans but my best and close friends,  I am sorry for my absence from #Gogglebox, your kind & beautiful messages always overwhelm me with touch of sadness. These difficult times will pass. Please #bestrong #besafe." 

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He previously wrote: "I am sorry I will be missing from the Siddiqui sofa again in tonight’s #Gogglebox because of two metre social distancing rule but I am sure you will be entertained just as much by the rest of the gang, enjoy the show take care be safe lots of love." 

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